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About Us

     Welcome to our page and we are glad you are stopping in to visit. We came up with the name  TC Images because, well, we are Troy and Chris, two really good friends that want to share our passion of photography with the rest of Kentucky and perhaps even further. We are from Louisville, Kentucky and both of us have amazing significant better halves (Christy and Jessica) and are blessed with  awesome kids. We both have been out and about with our cameras for quite a few years now. We  also volunteer our time with our church on the photography team and the video production team helping to record all the live events and services. We are absolutely in love with all life has to offer and want to share with the world what we capture. 

     We are also open to suggestions and ideas from our visitors to our site. If there are any places, events, parks, streets, etc that you would love for us to capture and  post to our page, please feel free to email us at info@tcimagesframedphotography.com or you can just click on the "Email Us" tab on the top left corner of this page.  One of us will get back with you to see if we can come up with a game plan. We want you to help us help you get your vision hung up on the wall.  


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