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     Welcome to my page and I am glad you are stopping in to visit. I am from Louisville, Kentucky and I have been out and about with my camera for about a decade now. I enjoy being part of the Real Estate field helping real estate agents to help buyers and sellers reach their family's dreams. I use the most current gear and programs to get you the best possible results for listing homes on the market. I am a true believer in using only the best equipment and skills because all homes, no matter the size or value, deserves the best pictures.

     I served 5 years in the United States Army as a combat paramedic with the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell, KY. Now I love spending my time continuing  to serve my communities with my knowledge of photography which is my passion in life. I am absolutely in love with all life has to offer and want to share with the world what I capture. 

     I am always open to suggestions and ideas from our visitors to my site. If there are any places, events, parks, streets, etc that you would love for me to capture and  post to my page, please feel free to email me at TroyKey@tcimagesframedphotography.com. I will get back with you to see if we can come up with a game plan. I want you to help me help you get your vision hung up on the wall.  Also like and follow me on facebook.com/tcimagesframedphotography and please do not forget to share as well. 


Louisville Real Estate Photography

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