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Still Photos w/ DLSR Camera

(Short still photos video included in pricing - ask for details)

0 - 999 SF  ...........$80

1000 - 1999 SF ...$95

2000 - 2999 SF ...$110

3000 + 3999 SF ..$125

4000 SF + (To be determined) Pricing depends on complexity of the home and the amount of time to complete the job. 

INTERACTIVE 3D Virtual Tour (Matterport System)

0 - 999 SF  ..........$80

1000 - 1999 SF ..$95

2000 - 2999 SF  ..$110

3000 - 3999 SF  ..$125

4000 SF + (To be determined) Pricing depends on complexity of the home and the amount of time to complete the job. 

Searching for their next home, we all know photos can be a little deceiving at times, 3D interactive virtual tours give a true sense of a home’s dimensions. Turnaround time could take up to 12-24 hours after scan is complete and to satisfaction. Introducing 3D technology into your listings, this completely changes the way houses are sold.

Drone Views Photography & Video Walk Throughs

DRONE STILL Services: starting at minimum $115 EACH. (Prices could go up depending on complexity of land and number of trees).

DRONE VIDEO Services: Starting at a minimum $115 up to a 90 second clip. Each additional 30 seconds is an additional $25. 

VIDEO Services: starting $115 covering up to 1,150 sf above grade and an additional .05 cents per/sf above that on Video Walk Through. To include views starting out from the end of drive way up to the door of home and incorporating short video clips throughout the home with music. Optional: We can add a voice recording of you introducing the property and the house over the video. 

Portraits Photography

Photos are released via DropBox or Google Drive for download

30-45 Minutes Mini Sessions - $75 

(Single subjects or Couples ONLY)

Includes 3-5 digital images

1 Hour Sessions - $125

Includes 10-20 digital images

2 Hour Session - $200

Includes 20-35 digital images

Professional Headshot Photography                        

This service is for those who want to have that professional photo and do not want to spend a fortune to get it. The photo you have on your business card and/or website represents you...It will be what other will see right away. If you have more questions or need more details please call Troy at 502-938-1905.

Individual Shoots: (single client)

30-60 minute session  $75

(Includes 2 images)

Office Setup (Group) Shoots: (multiple clients)

2 - 5 people...........$70 / person

6 - 12 people.........$65 / person

13 - 20 people.....$60 / person

21 + people...........$55/ person

Bundle Packages (per house) - By combining both 3D Matterport and Still Photography together on one home you will save 5% off the total price of the two services!

Matterport 3D / Still Photography combo pricing

0-999 SF.............. $152

1000-1999 SF .....$180.50

2000-2999 SF .....$209

3000-3999 SF .....$237.50

4000 + TBD

* All prices are subject to change at any time.

* Payment of services must be received paid in full before release of any photography.

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