TC Images Rates

Real Estate Photography Services 

Travel Fee/Fuel Charge:

Starting point is Downtown Louisville, KY. 

-60 - 90 minutes drive time (round trip) is a $50 dollar trip charge

-1 . 5 to 3 hour drive time (round trip) is a $100 dollar trip charge

-Anything greater than 3 hour (round trip) will be quoted

Still Photos (Real Estate Listings)

-24/7 Online Scheduling

-Online Bill Pay

-Supra / eKey access in KY & IN (GLAR, SIRA, LBAR)

-Fast Turn Around (No later than - by close of business the following day)

-FREE 59 second video clips included upon request for your social media use. 

-Detailed feature photos of listings and/or artistic photos if applicable. If your listing has those amazing features to show off to buyers; let's capture that. 

Any and all finished / livable square footage space (above and below grade) must be included.

We offer VIP Discounted Rates for our loyal clients averaging 5 listing shoots per 6 consecutive months / 10 listings or more per year - Ask us for more details and lets get you on that program. 

AirBnB Rates include small files (for MLS / Social Media) & release of full resolution images (for websites)

0 - 3200 SF

-Standard Rate $165

-VIP $145
-AirBnB Rate $265

3201 - 7200 SF

-Standard Rate $255

-VIP $200
-AirBnB Rate $355

7201 - 10,000 SF

-Standard Rate $365

-VIP $300
-AirBnB Rate $465

Listing Photo Editing Services

Have your own camera and take your own photos but need a professional editor? Let us help. 

Took listing photos with your cell phone? Let us clean them up before you post them to the MLS. 

*Cell phone photos results may differ depending on cell phone and lighting within the home. 

- Up to 29 images at $2 per image (15 images minimum)

- 30 or more images at $1.35 per image 

Contractor Home Remodel Shoot

Needing to build a professional business image for your business website and social media presence? We can help...Hire us to take professional photos of your completed remodel jobs and get high resolution images for your website as well as small resolution images for your social media. For example you can visit Twin Spires Remodeling and check out their website. Call to schedule appointment 502-938-1905

- After photos only

- Up to 4 rooms in a single home  $200

Marketing Headshot Photography   

(Single subjects or Duos ONLY)

This service is for those who want to have that professional photo and do not want to spend a fortune to get it. The photo you have on your business card and/or website represents what if we can capture you in your business lifestyle for marketing purposes. If you have more questions or need more details please call Troy at 502-938-1905. Photos are released via DropBox or Google Drive for download.

60 Minute Session (On-Location)

Single Subject Only - $200

(Includes 10 - 15 digital images minimum)

90 Minute Session (On-Location)

Single Subject - $300

2 Subjects - $325

(Includes 15 - 20 digital images minimum)

* All prices are subject to change at any time.

* Payment for previous services must be received, paid in full, before scheduling a new session.

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